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iPads account for 95 percent of commerce site tablet traffic

GigaOM recently reported that tablets are now outpacing smartphones in accessing online shopping sites. The figures quoted were from marketing technology company Monetate, which tracked more than “100 million online shopping experiences”. While significant for online retailers to recognize that online shopping sites should start targeting tablets, one little detail makes that task pretty darn easy.


John Gruber of the Daring Fireball points out, this little sentence in the GigaOM article is the most significant:

Almost all of the traffic (95 percent) was from the iPad, said Monetate.

The traffic discussed here is the percentage of online shopping traffic attributed to the tablet which outpaced that of the smartphone for the first time in the first quarter of 2012. Based on the quote above, it is actually the iPad that is outpacing the smartphone for online shopping.

Online retailers should be making their web sites iPad-friendly according to these numbers. Other tablets are not really a factor for online shopping based on the 100 million-plus online shopping experiences Monetate tracked. Android tablets may be growing in popularity, but apparently owners of those aren’t shopping online.