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Airport Transit Guide

This niche app does one thing and does it well: It gives you information on how to get from an airport to the city center for numerous airports around the world.

The app lists airports by city name along with information about expected prices and travel times via various available options such as taxi, bus, train, car rental and even helicopter. It also indicates the distance from the city center to the airport and gives a link to the airport’s website — info that you could find yourself without much trouble but is still nice to have in one place.

The guide usually has a few airport-specific tips such as how to buy transport tickets (so you’ll know when advanced purchase is cheaper than buying onboard) or how to make sure you’re getting into an authorized taxi (which can be especially useful when traveling someplace where you don’t speak the language).

The app pledges that listings are updated regularly, but it’s still a good idea to double-check details. For example, the app gave parking rates at a suburban stop Boston’s Logan Express bus as $11/day, although that fee was lowered to $7 in March. I suspect bus and train schedule frequencies change fairly often as well.

The interface is somewhat rudimentary, requiring you to look through an alphabetical list by beginning letter to find the airport of your choice. Surprisingly, there is no option to search by city name or airport code. And while the app is iPad-compatible, it’s only iPhone-sized.

Bottom line

If you’re a do-it-yourself traveler who’s likely to find your own way between airport and destination, the Airport Transit Guide is an extremely handy app to have on your iOS device, even if the user interface could stand improvement