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Windows Phone Mango ripe for developers to sink their teeth into

We were among the first to check out the upcoming Mango update for Windows Phone, but developers won’t be left out of the festivities any longer. Microsoft released the second version of Developer Tools Beta, which lets eager app-building folks try out the refresh on their own devices. More importantly than solid bragging rights, it affords developers the opportunity to test apps in a realtime environment, rather than on an emulator. This can only mean good things for Windows Phone users; with nearly four months remaining before the first Mango phones show up, devs have gobs of time to make sure their apps work flawlessly before the anticipated launch. As if this isn’t encouraging enough, Microsoft is also doing a fabulous job of helping students get started — not only is Redmond offering free registration, it’s giving out up to 50 phones to members signed up for the DreamSpark program. There’s no shortage of opportunities here, so aspiring developers may want to click on the source link and follow the directions to the letter