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There’s Gold In Them iPhones

There’s Gold In Them iPhones

I noticed an interesting article the other week about Ge Wang an assistant professor at Stanford, whose biggest passion has been organizing ‘Laptop Orchestras’. Wang with an handful of engineers formed a company and started developing applications for the iPhone they created the virtual lighter, a virtual firecracker, a voice changer that can make you sound like Darth Vader and an application called Ocarina that turns the iPhone into an electronic wind instrument.

Ocarina was released in November and achieved 400,000 downloads in less than a month. Wang’s company which originally set a goal of taking $100,000 dollars in revenue this year will instead end up making closer to $1 million.

Another interesting story is that of Steve Demerter a programmer who built an iPhone game called Trism in his spare time, working nights and weekends. By the end of last year he’d earned $250,000 in just two months. He’s now quit his day job and formed a company and hired five programmers to develop a slew of new iPhone games.

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