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The new Apple iPad is launched

The new Apple iPad is launched

Apple announced today that it is launching it’s new technology called the iPad.

This revolutionary device is a touch-screen tablet which will start at $499 in the US.

The device is 0.5 inches thick, weighs 1.5 pounds, has a 9.7″ multi-touch IPS screen and a 1GHz Apple A4 chip. It will be shipped in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB flash storage options.

Adopting a similar interface to the iPhone, the tablet can run all iPhone applications in original and upscaled resolutions, and developers like ourselves can create iPad specific versions to take advantage of the larger screen.

It will launch with the iBook Store, with a variety of book publishers readily available, and will use the established ePub format.

As well as WiFi and Bluetooth, there’s also an accelerometer, compass, speaker, microphone and the standard iPod connector, 10 hours battery life and a month of standby time.

If you’re looking to get iPad software, we can already develop using the Apple SDK.

Squareware can already start developing the next generation of innovative applications for iPad with iPhone SDK 3.2 beta. Squareware, being iPhone Developers are ready to develop business applications for the iPad, or any iPad software requirements.

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