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Pizza Hut using iPhone to order online

Pizza Hut using iPhone to order online

Pizza Hut has launched it’s iPhone application to allow users to order Pizza online from the comfort of their mobile phone.

The current application is available through the Apple App Store for US and Oz users and have exceeded 100,000 downloads so far. Cleverly the application also includes a free game to allow users to play whilst they wait for their pizza to arrive.

This mobile technology shows how the App store is being used to enhance customers ways of ordering online, it seems an easy application can increase your business if you develop an iPhone application.

“We want to provide maximum accessibility” said Bernard Acoca, Pizza Hut’s director of Digital Marketing. “We have a core group of customers that is very tech-savy, they use their phone for everything, we want to be where the consumers are.”

“Within 5 years, Pizza Hut aims to earn half it’s revenue from orders placed via computers and mobile phones” He said.

If you’re looking for a similar application developed to this ordering online via the iPhone, then why not get in touch, we’d be happy to quote.


Pizza Hut iPhone promotional video