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iPhone 4 is here

iPhone 4 is here

The iPhone 4 is available this week and it is set to be the best smart phone ever.

The number of iPhone 4G sold in the first 24 hours has exceeded the expectations of some analysts and boosted the company’s shares. The ‘earthquake’ was also given on the Internet, where the large volume of orders caused a system malfunction.

The new iPhone 4 features HD video recording and a front and back camera, as well as a high definition screen which will make viewing a pleasure.

There will be a white version of the phone which is due in August, but for now, people wanting to get their hands on the latest iPhone 4 will have to make do with the black one.

Application development is set to soar on the new operating system, with it’s faster processor than previous iPhone models developers, like us, are looking forward to see what this new beast will do.

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