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UK Android Developers

Google Android is fast becoming the dominant Smartphone platform and has already started to out sell the iPhone and other smart phones in the US according to The NPD Group and with support from many of the larger handset manufacturers such as Sony Ericson, HTC, Motorola this trend is set to continue.

The Android platform is the product of the Open Handset Alliance, a group of organizations collaborating to build a better mobile phone. The group, led by Google, includes mobile operators, device handset manufacturers, component manufacturers, software solution and platform providers, and marketing companies. From a software development standpoint, Android sits smack in the middle of the open source world. The UK android market is increasing at an extensive rate in 2011 and we have developers on hand to help with any mobile business requirement.

Squareware can also develop your android business application writing the software and designing the solution to take your idea to market.

For UK Android software development, you can talk to us +44 114 278 0781 and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

We are UK based Android mobile developers with our in-house team and expertise.