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FlightTrack offers real-time updates of flights on a global map, which is useful if you’re waiting for another delayed flight to come in before yours can take off, as well as if you’re picking up a traveler at the airport. It also provides information about delays, cancellations and gates, and can sync with your device’s calendar, if you’re the type who forgets when you’re supposed to be at the airport.

The Pro version adds alerts, TripIt integration, terminal maps, FAA airport delay information and airport weather forecasts; the FlightBoard add-on lets you look at a pretty electronic version of arrival and departure boards for numerous airports around the world.

I bought FlightTrack Pro and FlightBoard primarily for some visually appealing, geek amusement on my iPad, but it’s turned out to be more useful than I expected. For instance, when I was catching a connecting flight at New York’s JFK airport and there was no information in my arrival terminal about which was the departing terminal, it was comforting to see that info on my phone — even if 20 or so minutes later we were finally directed to an agent who had the necessary info.

Bottom line

If you enjoy geeky ways to keep track of information surrounding air travel, FlightTrack’s worth a look.