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Apple Adds Reminders, Notes Apps to iCloud Beta Site for Developers

Apple is expected to roll out iOS 6 to iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch in the  coming months, and the company is hard at work on new iCloud-enabled features  for the latest version of its mobile platform. Apple recently added Reminders  and Notes to the developer beta of, Apple’s Web portal for accessing  a limited number of iCloud features. Reports prior to Apple’s early June  announcement of iOS 6 claimed Reminders and Notes would be added to

Even if you’re not a developer you can still see that new apps are coming to by visiting You won’t be able to sign-in without access  to a device running iOS 6, but right behind the sign-in window you can see the  Reminders app icon peeking out. Alongside the new Reminders and Notes apps,  Apple has also added new features to Calendar and Find My iPhone, according to MacRumors.

The new Notes and Reminders apps look similar to their iOS counterparts right  down to the folder and torn notepad on the Notes app, the Apple rumor site says.  The Web version of Find My iPhone has reportedly added a new battery status icon  so you know how much power your device has left if you can’t find it. Apple may  also be getting ready to add Calendar notifications to, according to 9to5 Mac. A report in May by Apple Insider said some users noted seeing test versions of  notifications on Apple’s iCloud website.

With iOS 6 expected in the fall, it’s not clear whether Apple has plans to  add more functionality to the iCloud portal. Apple has already announced several  features that could fit into including shared photo streams, Safari  tabs, and the Mail app’s new VIP list.

The current version of features access to iCloud-enabled Mail,  Contacts, Calendar, Find My iPhone and iWork.

The new additions to iCloud should become available to all users around the  time of the iOS 6 launch. Reminders and Notes are also headed to OS X Mountain  Lion, which is set for release in July.