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EveryTrail Pro

EveryTrail is a GPS-enabled app that allows you to map your trip and share it. Using the app to map a trip is easy: You simply hit the “Start Tracking” button as you start walking/biking/whatever, and the app will automatically start tracking your path on a map. You can add photos and waypoints along the way.

The app can be used in urban and rural environments alike, and both city dwellers and hikers can appreciate viewing the map in satellite, hybrid, terrain or street mode. You can stop and resume tracking whenever you wish, and add text tips to your trip later on. In fact, EveryTrail has an entire community where you can upload your trips for others to consult.

You can also search for established walking trails near you or at a destination you plan to travel to. Each route comes with detailed descriptions and maps, as well as points of interest (POIs) and audio. The best part: You can download single routes so that they are available offline while you’re on the road.

Bottom line

Travelers who like remembering and sharing their itineraries — complete with maps, photos, descriptions and more — will have fun with this app.